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  1. Roz Arratoon Says:

    Dear Bryan

    David Hutcheon mentioned you during a conversation about two new Sky Arts. We (Margaret PR) are the retained PR agency for Sky Arts. They have commissioned two docs on The Beatles – their ‘black album’ and inside Apple Corps. Details are below.

    Interviews with the contributors are available, as are unpublished images and images unseen since the 70s, i.e., taken by staff at Apple Corps and photographer Tom Hanley.

    My Beatles Black Album with Charles Hazlewood
    TX Friday 2 June 2017, 10pm, Sky Arts
    Preview link: password: MYBLACKALBUM_01

    British conductor Charles Hazlewood selects and examines the best solo songs produced in the immediate aftermath of the Beatles’ break-up in order to curate his own “Black Album”. Charles meets the musicians who played on the tracks (i.e., Klaus Voorman) and journalists (i.e., Ray Connolly) who covered the break-up while also examining the music that John, Paul, George and Ringo released in the two years that began with the disintegration of the band and ended with John leaving the UK to live in America. In the recording studio, Charles brings together a band of top musicians, i.e., Will Gregory / Goldfrapp and Adrian Utley / Portisphead to perform selected solos from his “Black Album”.

    Interviews by request: Charles Hazlewood, Klaus Voorman

    The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels: Inside the Crazy World of Apple
    TX Saturday 3 June 2017, 9pm, Sky Arts
    Preview link: / Password: nerd2017

    It’s 1967 and the Beatles face a major problem: they are the most famous, commercially successful band ever, but their tax bills could bankrupt them. Their answer is to invest their money in a new company, Apple Corps.

    Today Apple Corps mostly just runs the Beatles back catalogue, but for five glorious years in the late sixties, it was one of the most colourful, outlandish and chaotic companies that ever existed. The Beatles set up a fashion shop, hair dressing salon, tech start-up (Apple before Apple), poetry division, film production department and of course their own record label. The idea was to spread the values of the new Hippie movement around the world. But things will go wrong, if you drop acid during office hours….

    In this unauthorised film, the true story behind Apple Corp, an unrepeatable experiment in Hippie Capitalism is told for the first time, by the people who worked for the company, from record label executives and the Beatles personal assistants to the office boys and secretaries.

    Their inside stories are illustrated by never-before-seen archives of photographs taken in Apple’s offices, plus specially-commissioned animation and rare archive footage. What emerges is a comic cautionary tale about the peaks and pitfalls of Hippie-dom. As Beatles longtime assistant Tony Bramwell says “How can you be a Hippie, when you are earning a million pounds a week?”

    Interviews by request: i.e., former Apple Corp secretary; accountant Steven Maltz; photographer Tom Hanley.

    Would love to have your thoughts on this.

    Best wishes


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